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PROVEN SUCCESS! You’ll notice there are success stories featured throughout our web site. In fact there are thousands of success stories we’ve received from the sales professionals we have trained included on this site. These stories from the field cover everything from big saves, winbacks, and brand new sales for Print and Digital products. We calculate conservatively that these success stories represent more than $300,000,000 in incremental revenue retained or increased that sales people attribute, at least in part, to Market Authority Research Driven Sales Empowerment Programs. We’re extremely proud of the success stories we’ve helped contribute to, in fact there’s no better testimonial to the power of our research and training than the success stories that continue to roll in at a rate of more than 30 per week! We read every one and incorporate what we learn into constantly make our Drive Programs the best in the world!


As challenging as revenue retention and upselling in Local Search are, the greatest challenge confronting local media sales people and teams today is most certainly New Business Sales. Market Authority conducted an extensive six month study of the best new business sales professionals in the industry. We studied everything from their preparation, planning, and philosophy, to the selling tools, tactics and techniques they use. We learned that there are Five Keys to selling new business that all top performers use consistently and that most sales people virtually NEVER USE AT ALL!

Our Selling New Business workshop puts these top performers and their secrets to success front and center. We actually feature top sales reps within the training modules so their fellow salespeople can hear directly from the best. The New Business Nitro program is a dramatic success and has driven new business customer and revenue acquisition by an average of 300% Increase among the teams we have trained.

New success stories about the New Business Selling Workshop continue to arrive on a daily basis from sales reps and leaders across the country. On average about 30% of the new clients and revenue generated are from digital products for those companies that offer digital solutions. The balance of the new business is from the traditional Print Yellow Pages product. If you think there’s no opportunity for new business growth in local search you need New Business Nitro!


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The Market Authority Drive Program is our signature training and coaching platform that upgrades sales organizations so they can reach their highest level of performance.

Drive programs are offered in varying levels from simple training workshops, to recruitment and hiring processes, to full consultation to optimize organizational drive systems and processes across the entire enterprise.
What is the current level of drive within your team? Market Authority utilizes our proprietary Drive Diagnostics Tools to measure the individual and team motivation and performance level. Through our measurement, diagnosis, and analysis we begin to map the unique DNA of the organization and its teams. The result of this diagnosis is a clear view of the current performance level and a roadmap to optimizing and increasing motivation and the Drive orientation of the culture.

Drive Trainings go straight to the most powerful aspects of human influence in the dimension of local search sales. Our modules such as, the Closing Clinic, Power Prospecting and New Business Nitro are formulated to teach and inspire tools and skills that are immediately usable on the street. The second purpose of our Drive Trainings is to tap into the very nerve center of internal drive of a person, team, or enterprise…to “jump-start” team performance optimization. Once the initial drive dynamic is ignited you’ll find that your teams are hungry for more fuel to power winning sales performance. This fuel comes in the form of team training events, powerful sales tools, continuous and personal post-coaching, and a performance numbers driven environment.

Each Drive program is custom designed around each company’s unique needs, opportunities, ideal market, and cultural environment. From messaging to proven sales tools to boosting team motivation and performance, Market Authority Drive Programs are engineered to unlock the DNA and upgrade the internal code of the performance potential with the individual and team. Through our consultative process we define the success goals and metrics based on your input and potential outcomes. Performance measurement and ongoing reinforcement are vital to success and are built in to your company’s Drive program.


Market Authority is the world leader in Local Media Consumer Usage. With more than 640,000 live consumer interviews our insight are based on the largest research project of it kind in the world conducted over 6 years. This research is complimented by the experience gained from more than 20,000 sales professional trained and thousands of ours riding on local search sales calls. Market Authority’s Local Search Ratings, Organic Search Rankings, and Custom Research are used to inform or custom sales message development, sales scripting, and Drive Training programs.

It is usually not what you say but how you say it that makes the biggest impact. Market Authority specializes in developing sharp sales messaging that resonates in the language of Local Search sales people, SMBs and local search advertisers. Our message upgrading expertise has been developed and honed over 35 years of research and experience working with how SMBs buy. How sales people talk about a product drives how they think and feel about the product. How to say it in the concise, compelling language that connects the dots for local advertisers is a key component of igniting and accelerating maximum performance.


The vast majority of sales training programs fail to have a lasting impact on sustainable performance improvement. In fact, MOST SALES TRAINING DOLLARS ARE WASTED! This statement is, unfortunately, evidenced by the fact that sales performance results as measured by achievement of sales objective, have been declining for over a decade. Nowhere is this more the case than in Local Search advertising sales. There are a number of factors that contribute to this trend and Market Authority addresses them with our proven training process. One of the biggest reasons that sales training programs often fall short of their potential is a lack of critical reinforcement after the initial training. In fact, more than 51% of all sales training is not retained b the sales team just 5 weeks after the training and 84% OF ALL SALES TRAINING IS LOST AFTER 90 DAYS. Ongoing coaching and reinforcement is perhaps the single most important investment we can make in getting the performance improvement potential that exists.

Market Authority’s Drive Training programs use post-training coaching and reinforcement to improve the training impact and retention, dramatically increase your return on investment, and make peak performance a habit. In other words, the Drive Training System is designed to maintain momentum and create sustainable improvement in sales performance. We find that when salespeople get in the habit of winning they are eager to stay on top of their game and enjoy the extra earnings and growth that come with success.


Combining data-driven insights, local media sales expertise along with the science and art of human motivation Market Authority is unique in providing Research Driven Sales Empowerment to maximize local media sales results. Check out our thousands of Sales Success Stories or to learn how we can work with your sales team to Drive Success
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