Enabling your Clients to sort for the very best, high profit leads available in their markets and maximize their success at converting calls to sales.

We offer:

Full Service Media Measurement

Setting up good test programs across multiple ad media and campaigns can get complicated. Market Authority takes care of the details and coordinates flawless test execution. We begin with the client’s objectives and design a test to provide the actionable insights needed. Then we insure the call tracking, recording, and analysis service is implemented properly. Finally we conduct in-depth analysis on the test results to provide you with insights, not just data. We know you have your hands full running your businesses. We do the leg work to conduct best in class media quality measurement so you can focus on how to use the information rather than how to get it.

Cross Media Advertising Results Testing

“What advertising works best for my business?”

Local media today is multi-media by definition. With so many ways to reach customers even small businesses know they need to use many online, mobile, social media, direct marketing, and traditional channels to reach their audience. The challenge is to know which media and campaigns work the best for a particular business’s needs. Market Authority has developed the means to create apples to apples comparisons of lead volume, cost, and quality across any response oriented media and campaigns needed.

Test design, Implementation, and Analysis

The old saying “Garbage in, garbage out” could have been coined to apply to media testing. Market Authority put’s the focus on what information and insights are needed, what is the problem you need to solve. We plan, implement, and provide the test results analysis. Your job is to utilize these insights to improve your business results; optimize your marketing mix based on absolute certainty of performance by media, increase your sales channel effectiveness with advanced training. In other words, use actionable information to profitably grow your sales.

Conversation Analytics

Call recording conversation analytics has recently made huge progress in the ability to accurately analyze calls. When combined with human auditing the accuracy of the analysis and level of insight provided is greatly enhanced.

Utilizing machine learning systems it is now possible to reliably score thousands of calls against multiple criteria in minutes allowing. This provides an opportunity to obtain usable data on a previously unimaginable scale. Market Authority has built this capability into our cross-media research services and we’re using the insights gained to inform better media planning and inbound sales coaching.

Ad Value Ratings

  • Which mediums tend to bring the higher quality lead?
  • Who is calling and what is their probable spending power?
  • Did they make an appointment or agree to come in?
  • What size sale was discussed?
  • Were there other quality signals?

Calls are considered the best leads by many advertisers. Generating calls that convert to large sales is the primary goal for most response oriented advertising. Advertisers today are seeking greater proof than ever of not just the number and cost of leads but the actual quality of those leads.

Until now measuring the value, defined as conversion rate, of calls was difficult if not impossible to do reliably at any meaningful scale. Using well designed testing methodology and call analytics technology Market Authority is able to create Ad Value Ratings at the media channel, campaign, industry vertical, and market level. It is now possible to have absolute certainty of what advertising works the best for generating quality leads. Let Market Authority create Ad Value Ratings for your business.

Call Answering Sales Effectiveness Training

Advertisers spend huge sums of money trying to generate calls from qualified leads only to have those leads lost due to ineffective call handling. Fundamentals such as qualifying the call and energetically asking for the sale have a dramatic impact on conversion rate and are often overlooked. In fact a recent study found that on over 30 percent of high potential sales calls the answering salesperson never asked the caller to buy! Conversion rates went up 75% when just this one issue was addressed and simple training provided. Using call listening analytics we can develop a coaching plan for your team. It’s a very important way to work smarter not just harder. Increasing your sales conversions is the single most powerful way to improve your bottom line and grow your business.

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