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How are you measuring return on Local Search Advertising investment to your clients?
What specific Local Search advertising medium brings the highest quality call?
Paid Search – Internet Directories – Print – Mobile Banners – Other
Who is your clients Premium, Ideal most heavy-spending customer?
How effectively are they targeting that Premium customer?
How do they directly target their most valuable customer?


Call Listening Service
Automated and Live Auditing and Quality Ranking
Cross-Media Response Quality and ROI Measurement
4 Dimensional Reporting
Detailed Lead Quality Analysis
Call Conversion Coaching

    The specific Quality of the average Lead coming from a given medium is the single most important piece of information an advertiser can possess.

ProtoCall Metrics from Market Authority provides irrefutable proof of advertising results including lead quality and conversion rate by media.

“Our years of research with hundreds of thousands of consumers and tens of thousands of advertisers has made it clear that advertisers need measurable proof, not only of the volume and cost per lead, but also of the quality, defined mostly as conversion rate, of leads.” said Steve Sitton President of Market Authority. “Calls are considered the best type of leads for many businesses and meticulous, exhaustive listening and ranking of calls is the best way to determine the quality of leads being generated by a given medium.”

Who was calling? What was the callers likely spending Power? Was an Appointment booked? How effectively was the call answered and the sale made?

The cost-effective ProtoCall reporting service utilizes state of the art conversation analytics and machine learning, combined with human auditing and demographic data to provide precise ad quality reporting. The service is scalable to any size business, national brand or franchise chain program.

These insights allow advertisers and their agencies to quantify the real value of the various media in their mix. Market Authority partners with advertisers, agencies, and publishers to implement cross-media test programs to measure lead value by medium.

ProtoCall Metrics also provides insights into the call responder effectiveness and allows businesses to improve their call handling and conversion success. A recent study revealed that responders did not ask the caller to buy in over 30% of calls! Market Authority provides sales empowerment training to enhance responder effectiveness in handling calls and closing sales.

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The Four Dimensions of Lead Measurement


Number of leads by media
Metered Calls and Clicks


Cost per lead by media
Budget divide by leads

Quality Conversions / Actions by media

Call Scoring Analytics
Secondary Actions


Effectiveness of responder
Call Listening Analytics

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