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With more than 640,000 Live Consumer Interviews we have studied over 600 markets in 11 countries and we have learned that trends consumer behavior and vary significantly based on demographic and socioeconomic variables. With more than 10,000 live consumer interviews conducted each month Market Authority is the largest research project of its kind ever done. In addition, we have analyzed over one million search engine result pages, hundreds of thousands of metered calls and recordings, and conducted hundreds of sales call ride-alongs within the past year. We gather targeted primary research in your market, analyze the resulting data, and deliver accurate reporting on actual local business search behavior. We use this information to train your salespeople so they understand the reality of their local market and can speak with confidence and authority with your clients.


Without conclusive and independent third-party research, analysis, and training, businesses are making media buying decisions based on inaccurate information. We provide media companies and their sales forces with accurate, irrefutable information about where consumers are looking for local products and services. Sales people go into each appointment confident in their understanding of the market


“Our goal is to provide immediately actionable local insights and powerful local sales tools to marketers who rely on local search media to drive revenue for their clients”

– Steve Sitton President Market Authority



Market Authority performs targeted first-hand research on your markets with state of the art precision. We study your markets for crucial determining factors affecting your sales representatives’ effectiveness in growing and maintaining revenue. The research methods we use are shaped by the twenty-five years we have in the industry. So you can trust that we understand and have solutions that address the specific challenges you face. We provide a comprehensive view that includes search behavior, demographic information, which technology they prefer and other usage statistics.

We perform the research, gather and analyze the data and compile the information in hard-copy reports that allow you, your sales team and advertisers to understand how consumers are finding businesses in your markets.

Read the custom prepared report. Examine the findings. Verify the data. (Yes, we provide the actual raw data within the report.) Salespeople and advertisers will appreciate the ability to verify our independent third-party research and realign their perceptions with the truth.


Due to the predominant consumer usage of organic search in virtually every market in the US, and because of the organic strength of Internet Directories (Superpages, YP, Yelp, AngiesList, Thumbtack, etc.), Market Authority has also developed the Organic Search Rankings (OSR) database and sales tools. OSR provides rankings on the top performing organic search properties which are dominated by Internet Directories. “The sheer volume of leads being driven to SMB’s by the strong Internet Directories can be surprising”, Said Sitton. “We have created a new and more compelling way for Internet Directory companies to demonstrate that impressive strength to SMB’s”. The research and sales tools are available by category or category group for any geographic market or group of markets. This data assists advertisers and agencies in determining which Internet Directories they should leverage in order to capture the growing volume of organic traffic being driven to those sites in their target markets.

Organic Search Rankings provides analysis of the top ranking organic search results across hundreds of category and market specific search terms. Marketers now have a tool to quickly identify which aggregators, directories, and vertical sites have the highest ranking, within the top ten organic search results, for their target customers. Search Engine Optimization efforts are critical for any business that relies on search traffic (and who doesn’t) however, marketers also have great opportunities to take advantage of the “Organic Draft” from major search engines to the leading aggregators that rank highly for virtually every category and geography. Organic Search Rankings can help advertisers achieve the best results from their local search strategy and budget.


Organic Search Rankings combined with Local Search Ratings provide advertisers and agencies with critical insights into who their ideal most profitable customer is and how to efficiently reach that audience. By focusing their strategies and budget on the most profitable customers and best-performing media, advertisers can dramatically improve their return on investment.

Additionally, publishers, media companies, and agencies gain insights into the relative position of the various mediums in the mix allowing them to craft their messaging and focus product development and other initiatives accordingly. Local media today is fragmented by definition. Anyone involved in the local media market needs to stay current on consumer usage trends and will benefit by knowing the Local Search Ratings and Organic Search Rankings for the categories and markets they focus on.


Market Authority also conducts ongoing custom Local Search Research as well as custom organic ranking for its clients throughout the U.S. and globally. We currently conduct more than 10,000 live consumer interviews per month making Market Authority the largest ongoing research project of its kind. Custom studies are used to supplement the data and gain deeper insights to address a given client’s unique challenges. Market Authority’s powerful local media research and sales training has brought its clients over $300,000,000 in additional advertising sales worldwide. Contact Market Authority to learn more about Local Search consumer usage in your markets. We can develop a custom program for your business to gain unmatched insights into consumer usage and preference as it impacts your efforts. Contact Market Authority today to learn more our Local Media Research.


Combining data-driven insights, local media sales expertise along with the science and art of human motivation Market Authority is unique in providing Research Driven Sales Empowerment to maximize local media sales results. Check out our thousands of Sales Success Stories or to learn how we can work with your sales team to Drive Success
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