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Drive Program

The Market Authority Drive Program is our signature training and coaching platform that upgrades sales organizations so they can reach their highest level of performance.

Research & Messaging

Market Authority has completed over 600,000 live interviews with consumers. We empower salespeople by infusing solid research into their sales messaging allowing them to present with confidence and conviction.

Today's Success

Effective and easy to implement

“I have worked in sales almost 9 years and this is the first time a sales training program has been so effective and easy to implement.”

Rosario D.

Sales Rep.


The Science and Art of Human Motivation

Market Authority’s signature Drive Revenue Empowerment Program is the culmination of nearly 75 years in local media research, sales training, and sales calls. With more than 20,000 sales professionals trained in eleven countries, Market Authority is the leader in localized sales team training.


the drive to win,
the drive to achieve new heights,
drive for the sake of feeling driven,
drive is the oxygen of
ultra-successful sales environments.

Richard James



What is the current level of drive within your team? Market Authority utilizes our proprietary Drive Diagnostics Tools to measure the individual and team motivation and performance level. Through our measurement, diagnosis, and analysis we begin to map the unique DNA of the organization and its teams. The result of this diagnosis is a clear view of the current performance level and a roadmap to optimizing and increasing motivation and the Drive orientation of the culture.

Message Impact

It is usually not what you say but how you say it that makes the biggest impact. Market Authority specializes in developing sharp sales messaging that resonates in the language of Local Search sales people, SMBs and local search advertisers. Our message upgrading expertise has been developed and honed over 35 years of research and experience working with how SMBs buy. How sales people talk about a product drives how they think and feel about the product. How to say it in the concise, compelling language that connects the dots for local advertisers is a key component of igniting and accelerating maximum performance.

Management Consulting

Each Drive program is custom designed around each company’s unique needs, opportunities, ideal market, and cultural environment. From messaging to proven sales tools to boosting team motivation and performance, Market Authority Drive Programs are engineered to unlock the DNA and upgrade the internal code of the performance potential with the individual and team. Through our consultative process we define the success goals and metrics based on your input and potential outcomes. Performance measurement and ongoing reinforcement are vital to success and are built in to your company’s Drive program.


Drive Trainings go straight to the most powerful aspects of human influence in the dimension of local search sales. Our modules such as, the Closing Clinic, Power Prospecting and New Business Nitro are formulated to teach and inspire tools and skills that are immediately usable on the street. The second purpose of our Drive Trainings is to tap into the very nerve center of internal drive of a person, team, or enterprise…to “jump-start” team performance optimization. Once the initial drive dynamic is ignited you’ll find that your teams are hungry for more fuel to power winning sales performance. This fuel comes in the form of team training events, powerful sales tools, continuous and personal post-coaching, and a performance numbers driven environment.



Building and sustaining a high performance culture can impact every part of an organization, every function and team member. This is why ultimately Drive programs are not just training events but a system and a cultural mindset. As teams and organizations tap the potential power contained within their DNA winning together becomes not just a goal but an obsession. When success becomes a habit our job is complete. Our extensive personal post-coaching and support programs are designed to provide the contact, feedback and full post support of the powerful tools and skills taught in our trainings. Along with the personal coaching, you will receive a detailed report as to the progress of each team member and the success of the program.

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