How It Works

Live call listening to Measure and Rate Caller Quality

Often times a small change can have a big impact. For example, in a recent test sales conversion was found to be 75% higher when the person answering the call simply asked the caller to buy. Seems very simple and obvious yet in more than 30% of the calls analyzed the responder never asked the caller to buy!

Market Authority performs hundreds of thousands of live consumer interviews and partners with advertisers, agencies, and publishers to develop and implement cross-media test programs designed to measure volume, cost, and quality of calls from response oriented ad Campaigns. Using ProtoCall we analyze both sides of the call to determine led quality and responder effectiveness in handling the call.

Combining multiple media test design, call tracking, conversation analytics, and research we provide quantitative media value comparison, lead quality scoring, media mix optimization, and advanced sales training.


Ad Value Rating and Conversion Scoring Process

Design Test Based on Objectives

Ads across various media use unique tracking numbers.

Measure Lead Volume and Cost

Call data & recording captured at media or campaign level

We Analyse Lead Conversion Value and Other Attributes

Call data & recording captured at media or campaign level

Validate With Human Auditing

Intergrate with other research and data sources.

Increase Response Effiecency

Train responders to increase sales and conversion rate.

Adjust Ad Strategy & Budget Based on Learning

Target ideal customers and optimize media mix.

Revenue Empowerment Programs are designed around each client’s specific industry and needs to provide the maximum lift in sales conversion rates. We use call listening conversation analytics to help optimize your media mix and identify the keys to improving sales team effectiveness. Make your marketing and sales programs work smarter.

Market Authority

Market Authority