Ian Cooper

Author: Speed Retirement System

Ian Cooper doesn’t mind going against the grain. He was one of the few that called the bottom and top of housing, the top of subprime and Alt-A, the death of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, the collapse of the UK economy and the Dow’s collapse to 6,500, including its recovery. He even called for gold to rally well above $1,000 when it traded under $850.

Best of all, his unique hyper-compounding strategy is designed to target specific stock trades that Ian’s research indicates are poised for potential double and triple-digit gains. In fact, on over 577 documented trades in Ian’s personal account to date, he has won 76.2% of the time, with a 32% average net gain (all losers included).

Ultimately, Ian’s real passion is helping investors secure their golden years by teaching them methods that can potentially generate additional income to help fund their retirement.