About Us

About Market Authority

Market Authority is the world’s only Research-Driven Sales Empowerment Company for the Local Search Industry. Over the past six years, our one purpose has been to stimulate an extreme, immediate and measurable increase in sales revenue for our clients. To achieve this outcome, we have assembled the most powerful and effective team of local search sales trainers in the world. Our trainers, each having over 30 years of experience selling, leading and training local search, have crisscrossed the world hundreds of times perfecting our signature Drive Training series.

The second dimension of our ‘one-two punch’ of local search sales empowerment is our exhaustive research into local consumer search patterns that is based on the over 100,000 live consumer interviews we perform each year. Our training and research combination has resulted in an immediate and profound sales increase for every one of our 75+ clients based in 11 countries.

We summarize our research into the Local Search Ratings and Organic Search Rankings reports. These reports give our clients the real story about how consumers are searching in their local markets. With these reports, a salesperson easily earns the trust of local businesses, both increasing their advertising spend and bringing them the highest return on their advertising investment.

Market Authority’s live consumer research has been backed up by and corroborated with the relative call traffic of hundreds of thousands of actual call records across multiple search mediums in hundreds of US and world markets. We have gone to great lengths over many years to make our research bullet-proof.



“I love everything that Market Authority is doing. The Absolute Ownership training was top notch! I am a firm believer in full accountability for my life and having an abundance mindset. Absolute Ownership Level 1 took personal development to the quantum level!”
— Allen Johnson


“I would give the Absolute Ownership training a 10 out of 10! I am now more confident and direct and my sales have increased. It was a great training, let’s do it again!”
— Richard Walton


“Absolute Ownership was the best training I have ever attended. My productivity at work is way up…and I have only just gotten started! Thank you for this amazing gift!”

— Johnathan Peters