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Level 2

The Absolute Ownership Training Program is designed to trigger profound upgrades in individual and in organizational power and effectiveness. We don’t truly begin to experience our potential until we learn and live the Law of Personal Ownership, which is that the higher the personal responsibility and accountability a person insists upon embodying, the greater the level of true power that person wields in this world. Miracles of productivity and success happen in organizations and in personal lives when people begin to live from Absolute Ownership. This is true because, the higher the personal ownership, the more laser-focused a person will be on solution instead of blame and complaint.




“I love everything that Market Authority is doing. The Absolute Ownership training was top notch! I am a firm believer in full accountability for my life and having an abundance mindset. Absolute Ownership Level 1 took personal development to the quantum level!”
— Allen Johnson


“I would give the Absolute Ownership training a 10 out of 10! I am now more confident and direct and my sales have increased. It was a great training, let’s do it again!”
— Richard Walton


“Absolute Ownership was the best training I have ever attended. My productivity at work is way up…and I have only just gotten started! Thank you for this amazing gift!”

— Johnathan Peters

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