Over 900,000 Live Telephone Interviews

1.2 Billion Local* Google® Pages Scanned

*Searches using local IP addresses


True Local Search

With close to one million live interviews with consumers, Market Authority gives business owners a huge advantage by offering a complete picture of how people are finding businesses in their own market.

It is easy to mistake detailed data for complete data. While online consumer behavior on is easy to track online, many businesses and marketing agencies ignore one very important question. Does my data capture the behavior of all consumers? What if in certain markets, up to 40% of consumers never enter this online data stream until they’ve completed a purchase with a credit card. Market Authority fills in these blind spots and identifies underutilized sources of additional customers.

Does your reporting just show Google Search Engine Rankings? We track results from searches conducted from local IP addresses.
If you are a local business, you don’t don’t care about how your business appears in a nationwide search. Not all search engine tracking is created equal. We go the extra mile — the last mile — and look at over 1 billion Google pages a year in over 2,000 U.S. markets to make sure that you know how the domains you care about are performing.
What our Users are saying

“I love everything that Market Authority is doing. The Absolute Ownership training was top notch! I am a firm believer in full accountability for my life and having an abundance mindset. Absolute Ownership Level 1 took personal development to the quantum level!”
— Allen Johnson


“I would give the Absolute Ownership training a 10 out of 10! I am now more confident and direct and my sales have increased. It was a great training, let’s do it again!”
— Richard Walton


“Absolute Ownership was the best training I have ever attended. My productivity at work is way up…and I have only just gotten started! Thank you for this amazing gift!”

— Johnathan Peters

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